Creature type: Soulless, sentient creature
Home world: Heaven

Cherubim are a special type of creatures used as 'guard dogs' and soldiers by Heaven. They can be compared to Heaven's equivalent to demons. Just like demons, cherubim do not have souls.


Cherubim are divided into two subspecies; cherubim and lesser cherubim. Both species have a humanoid head and upper body and elongated, feathered arms which can be used for flight.

Cherub (ox cherub)

This variation have the characteristics of an ox. Their legs are hooved, they have an ox-like tail as well as horns and long, cattle-like ears. The scleras of their eyes are black. These cherubim typically have lighter skin and hair than the lesser cherubim.

Lesser cherub (lion cherub)

This subspecies is mostly lesser in terms of intelligence. They are not as adabtable as the ox variant and seem to have problems using language as a means for communication. On the other hand the lesser cherubim are stronger and more sturdy.

The lesser cherubim vaguely resembles lions or a similar feline animal, but look more humanoid than the ox variant seeing as they have no tail and a completely humanoid head. They are typically dark skinned with black hair and yellow or reddish eyes.


Neither of the cherub species are particularly intelligent. They struggle with complex problem solving and language. Their strength lies in numbers and a strong sense of loyalty towards their kin and Heaven.

Cherubim live in strongly knit family groups that are heavily dominated by females. Male cherubim are rare and smaller and weaker than their female counterparts. These family groups are usually nomadic and travel wherever Heaven sends them, or wherever there is prey.

Cherubim are highly aggressive and seem to have an almost instinctual hatred towards demons and other hell creatures.

Origin and involvement with Heaven

The cherubim are said to have been created by the arch angel Mikael. They were created as one of Heaven's first counter actions after demons started appearing in Hell. The cherubim have since acted as scouts and guards to protect the mortal worlds from demon attacks and generally keep hell creatures contained within Hell.

Cherubim are usually located near gates and rifts to Hell with an order to kill or scare off any soulless creatures that come past them.