Maxwell and Balthazar in an archive run by hashmallim.

Hashmallim are the angels who form Heaven's government and administration. They serve as politicians, police, lawyers, civil servants and the like.

The arch angel Gabriel is most closely associated with these angels.


3rd rank hashmal

Lower ranking hashmallim are usually case workers, for example taking care of registering data on other angels, Heaven's territory, etc. They might also work as guards, police officers, etc. They have a metallic, blue halo.

2nd rank hashmal

Hashmallim of the second rank can take on a broad range of functions. Some are police or security personnel, some politicians, lawyers, higher standing administers, etc. They bear a plain, blue halo.

1st rank hashmal

The halo of the highest ranking hashmallim is reserved for judges, political leaders, or angels in similarly highly regarded positions. A 1st rank hashmal has a glowing, blue halo.

High councillors

The twelve high councillors hold a special hashmal rank and form Heaven's topmost government, the High Council.