First appearance: Rebound p. 121
Baseline age: 902
Died at age: 49
Home world: Kimera
Species: AuÓdor
Class: Fallen angel
Major virtue: Faith
Major sin: Sloth

Lana grew up as a simple servant on Kimera. She first met Rex when they were just children. They fell in love and eventually married, despite the social stigma tied to Lana being an AuÓdor, which are commonly seen as a lesser species by the Kimeran elves and haruls. Lana has always felt strongly devoted to her husband and followed him in almost everything he has done, both in their mortal life and their afterlife as angels. When Rex turned against his sin eater family, she followed suit. When Rex decided to join Heaven’s military, she did too, eventually earning a rank as general, and later seraph, despite how she has always seen herself as a pacifist. And when Rex felt increasingly angry with Heaven until he decided to orchestrate an all out attack on it, she felt she had no choice but to help.

After their attack on Heaven, Lana’s own morality won over her devotion to Rex and she attempted to stop him from escaping punishment. All that earned her was Rex stabbing her in the stomach and the only one who was punished for their deeds was her.

After being captured by Heaven, Lana was banished and made a fallen angel with a very clear message that she shouldn’t expect ever to be allowed to return. She has spent the last century outcast and hated by other angels while trying to come to terms with her own actions.

She has currently winded up on the planet Netoka where she lives with her friends and fellow band members in the band Candy Carnage, Kaél and Messa.

Lana keeps her identity as an angel secret from the mortals she socializes with. By some unknown means she has managed to shrink her halo to the size of a ring she wears on her right ring finger, making her status as a fallen angel a little less obvious.