First appearance: Rebound p. 48
Baseline age: 19
Died at age: 5
Home world: -
Species: Silver fox
Class: Warrior angel - Soldier
Major virtue: Faith
Major sin: Envy

After dying at a young age, Nicholas grew up in Heaven with his older sister Nicole. While he looks up to his sister very much, he has been used to her taking care of most things on his behalf, and has grown up to become a somewhat irresponsible person because of it.

Nicholas has a heart of gold, but he acts first and thinks later, earning him a reputation of not being the sharpest tool in the shed.

Nicholas has joined Heaven’s military out of some sort of misplaced feeling of duty, rather than because he has shown much skill in fighting, following orders, quick decision making or anything else that could be useful for a soldier. He’s currently assigned to Opal’s platoon.