First appearance: Rebound p. 48
Baseline age: 23
Died at age: 9
Home world: -
Species: Silver fox
Class: Healer angel - Field nurse
Major virtue: Fortitude
Major sin: Wrath

Nicole and her little brother Nicholas died in an accident when they were just kids, so they grew up in Heaven. Since the only family they’ve had since then has been each other, they have a strong bond. As harsh and “big-sisterly” as Nicole seems sometimes, she cares very much for her brother and sees it as her responsibility to make sure he’s okay.

Nicole only recently finished her training as a healer angel, so it’s new and a little overwhelming for her to join military operations as a field nurse. She handles the challenge with great enthusiasm, though. As a rather energetic person, Nicole tends to come up with plenty of ideas for things she has to do, and just runs with them without much thinking.

Nicole is very outgoing and wears her heart and her opinions on her sleeve to the point of being somewhat rude and overly sensitive.