First appearance: Rebound p. 9
Baseline age: 435
Died at age: 73
Home world: Bién
Species: Ibin
Class: Warrior angel - Lieutenant
Major virtue: Generosity
Major sin: Sloth

Previously a healer, Opal decided she was fed up with fixing everyone else’s wounds, and instead made a turn to a military career. However talented, Opal is content with having a lower rank where she feels she has more of an opportunity to help people out. She prefers to stay in the background and is usually sent on missions as Balthazar’s second in command. The two of them have known each other for decades and been good friends for just as long.

Opal lives with her husband Omar in his personal paradise. Despite often being questioned how she can stand living with Omar who has a reputation of being quite a surly guy, she wouldn’t want it any other way. Opal finds a strong source of support and confidence in her husband and respects him deeply, even though they tend to bicker like the old married couple they are.

Even though she joined the military, Opal hasn’t completely let go of her background as a healer and herbalist. She still has a great interest in medicine and plant life, and enjoys gardening.