Personal virtue

Throughout their mortal life, every soul is attached to a virtue and a sin whose purpose it is to decide whether the soul should go to Heaven or Hell after they die.

Upon death the virtue plays a part in the soul's judgement and if their virtue is stronger than their sin, they are sent to Heaven.

Once in Heaven, the newly deceased soul will awaken in their personal paradise accompanied by their virtue that is now able to take on physical form and interact with their owner. At this stage the virtue's purpose is to help their owner come to terms with the fact that they've died. The virtue will often resemble a creature or person that is familiar or dear to the soul to make them feel at ease. They know the soul better than anyone, seeing as they've followed them their whole life, and are furthermore able to answer any questions their owner has about their death and the afterlife.

After a few days the soul will be introduced into Heaven society by a guardian angel so they can become an angel themselves. After this short period the virtue is no longer needed as a guide. Instead, it dissolves and fuses with the personal paradise, allowing the owner to shape it as they please. Within the confines of the personal paradise the virtue is able to conjur up nearly anything, and since it'll always be connected to its owner, they too can make use of that power.