First appearance: Rebound p. 5
Baseline age: 905
Died at age: 53
Home world: Kimera
Species: Harul
Class: Devil
Major virtue: Resolution
Major sin: Pride

Rex was born into the soul eater cult that includes a good number of the Kimeran haruls. His mother was an influential figure in the cultist network, but Rex never intended to follow in her footsteps. He was more preoccupied with the idea of Heaven and the elves’ alliance with the angels that would sometimes come to Kimera. As if that weren’t enough to provoke his mother and the other soul eaters, he also married an AuÓdor, Lana, and spent most of his time with her.

After his death, Rex became a highly respected angel. He was very involved with the military and politics and even achieved the rank of Seraph. However, he was eventually stripped of the title by the High council over allegations of dereliction of duty and unbecoming conduct. After a long period where he had felt increasingly frustrated with Heaven’s government and values, this demotion was the last straw in making him turn on Heaven altogether.

With the help of his wife Lana, he ambushed the seraph who was on gate duty, forced open the gate he was guarding to allow demons to enter Heaven and fled in the ensuing chaos. Lana was captured by pursuing warrior angels, and sentenced to become a fallen angel.

Rex escaped into Hell, and remained hidden for more than a century before emerging as a devil and returning to Kimera to go undercover and set the soul vampire cult in motion. Using some kind of summoning ritual he and the vampire cultists briefly summoned the great sin Wrath. Balthazar and his squad of warrior angels seemingly stopped the ritual before completion. It is unknown what it was supposed to accomplish.