A rift is a form of portal between the dimension of a mortal- or open world and a point in Hell.

Most often rifts are created gradually when an area in a world is contaminated by nether energy. Magical activity has a high chance of consuming nether energy, which is then expelled into the surrounding area. Since nether energy belongs in Hell, it's forced to trickle back there and will rip a hole between the two dimensions in the process.

Creation of rifts

In a normal scenario, a rift is formed in stages:

  • First a passage is established between the place where most of the nether energy has accumulated and a point in Hell's Outer Ring. Hell seeks to even out its own supply of nether energy, so on the Hell side the passage will appear where the density of the energy is low.
  • Most worlds have an active barrier that prevents mortals from interacting with Heaven and Hell. After a passage has been formed, this barrier eventually cracks and destroys the seperation from the mortal plane. Depending on the scale of the rift, this can affect the whole world or just a delimited area outside which the barrier will function as normal.
  • In the beginning a rift is hardly noticeable and you only have a chance to pass through it if you're able to focus on it intently. Eventually a rift can become more stable, much like a dimensional gate. At this stage you can easily walk through it and often it'll even be visible as a faint glow or rippling in the air.
  • In extreme cases the rift can get so extensive that the distinction between the original world and the Outer Ring is washed out completely. As a result the world is fully absorbed by Hell.

Rifts are difficult to deal with, but they can be closed by a seraph or another magic user who's capable of closing dimensional gates.