First appearance: Rebound p. 2
Baseline age: 56
Home world: Kimera
Current residence: Kimera
Species: Harul
Class: Mortal

Along with Rex and a few other sin eaters, Virtus was an important figure in launching the most recent war between them and the elves on Kimera.

He had been promised that summoning the great sin Wrath could help them in overpowering the elves, but during the course of Rebound vol. 1 he had to realize that Rex had his own reasons for summoning the sin, and had only used the sin eater cult for his own benefit. Virtus was killed by Balthazar while Rex simply watched, seemingly uncaring about his or the other vampires’ fate.

Unlike the other sin eaters, Virtus showed no sign of being able to wield magic. However, his discolored and somewhat mutated left arm suggests that he too had been experimenting with magic, but perhaps didn’t have the talent necessary to put it to proper use.