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The first demons were conceived by Lilith and Cain. Since they were both fallen angels, it shouldn’t be possible for them to have children, but Lilith, who had been infertile even in her mortal life, begged Lucifer to give her the ability to give birth. While Lucifer’s powers did manage to restore Lilith’s fertility, the children she bore weren’t like any mortals. They were soulless and monstrous in appearance.

Since their parents were humans with strong magical abilities, the demon lineage has a profound knack for using magic with little to no side effects. They have also inherited Lilith’s ability to bear children when it shouldn’t be possible, allowing them to breed with anything, whether it be other demons, mortals, or even angels. This crossbreeding has resulted in a myriad of demon species, but also means that the original immunity to magic is slowly being bred out of all demons.

Demons are classified by a few different groups:

  • Chaos demons – Typically grotesque looking and very powerful.
  • Mage demons – Have a talent for elemental or psychic forms of magic. They are often humanoid in appearance.
  • Common demons – These demons have no special magical talents. Their only strength lies in the fact that they are the most numerous type of demon.
  • Gladiator demons – These demons are either very strong or have other physical abilities.

Technically, monsters are demons too, but they’re seen as animals by other demons, and are considered a separate group of creatures.