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The universe as a whole is divided into four planes:

  • Atziluth - The plane of God, or God’s precence
  • Briah - The plane of creators, or the Arch Angels
  • Yetsirah - The astral plane, or that of Heaven and Hell
  • Assiah - The material plane, or that of mortals

Yetsirah is commonly used interchangeably with "Heaven and Hell", but Heaven and Hell merely exist on this plane, they do not define it. For example, it is because angels exist on the plane of Yetsirah that mortals usually are not able to see or interact with them in any way. In a similar fashion, Assiah is commonly referred to as "The mortal worlds" as more of a conversational term.

The Yetsirah and Assiah planes are further divided into multiple dimensions. For instance, each of the circles of Heaven and Hell are separate dimensions. The mortal worlds are also spread across multiple dimensions/universes - each universe typically containing a few worlds with souled mortals.

Crossing between dimensions

Different dimensions are only accessible to each other by making point-to-point gates between them. This can be done through various kinds of magic:

  • Angels have easy passage to other dimensions because of their halos that allow them to teleport freely.
  • Seraphim are a special class of angels that can open permanent, stable gates between any two dimensions.
  • Some demons have found ways to replicate both the ability to teleport and to open and close gates by using mutated forms of elemental magic. Mage demons capable of these techniques are very rare and, of course, highly sought after.
  • Sometimes so-called "rifts" will form in areas that are heavily contaminated by nether energy, making it possible to pass between a point in Hell and a point in one of the normal universes.

It has to be noted that Heaven and Hell are blocked off from each other - You cannot make a gate into Heaven using neutral/nether magic and you cannot make a gate into Hell with typical divine magic (channeled through an angel's halo). Only seraphim can bypass this block.