Elemental magic

A harul attempts to attack Opal with lightning magic.

Elemental magic is the most commonly used kind of magic, especially among creatures with souls.

Types of elemental magic

  • Fire: The ability to heat up objects or shoot out fire.
  • Electricity: The user can shoot out lighting. With enough skill this magic can even be used to power machines.
  • Earth: A talent that lets you move and shape dirt and rock.
  • Metal: This magic lets you manipulate and shape metal.
  • Water: Enables the user to move and manipulate water.
  • Ice: Allows you to quickly sink the temperature of objects or your surroundings.
  • Air: The ability to move the air around you to make wind.
  • Sound: The ability to make sounds normal creatures cannot, like a high pitch that will make your enemies' eardrums pop.
  • Dark magic: A catch-all term for a broad but unusual field of magic based on manipulating energy, and sometimes matter, on a fundemental level.