Internal links

Internal links connect the pages on the wiki.

You should link every word in an article that has a corresponding page elsewhere on the wiki. It's only necessary to link a word the first time it appears.

Basic link:
- For example if you want to link to the page Angel, write [[Angel]]

Output: Angel

Different ending:
- If you need to add an ending to the word you're linking, you can simply write it immideately after the link. For example, if you want to write Angels, write [[Angel]]s

Output: Angels

Piped link:
[[Pagename|Alternate text]]
- A piped link uses a different text than the page title to link to a page. For example if you needed to link to the page Angel, but wanted to use 'Guardian angel' as the link text, you could write [[Angel|Guardian angel]]

Output: Guardian angel

External links

You can write external links to link to other websites and content outside the wiki.

Simple external link:
- To make a simple external link, you don't need any markup. You can simply write the URL.


External link with alternate link text:
[ Alternate text]
- If you want to use a different link text than just the URL, enclose the link in brackets and write the alternate text after the URL.

Output: Alternate text

Adding categories

Categories creates a hierachy among pages on the wiki. A page can belong to multiple categories.

You can find a list of all categories on the page Special:Categories.

Add category:
- For example, if you want to add a page to the category Heaven, write [[Category:Heaven]]

Categories are displayed at the bottom of a page. Please write category specifications at the bottom of a page's markup as well.

Text formatting

When editing the content of a page, you can format it in various way to make it more readable, add sections, etc.

Basic formatting

Italic text:
''Your text''

Output: Your text

Bold text:
'''Your text'''

Output: Your text

Bold italic text:
'''''Your text'''''

Output: Your text

Underlined text:
<u>Your text</u>

Output: Your text

Strike text:
<strike>Your text</strike>

Output: Your text

Horizontal rule:


...Text before
Text after...

<!--Your text-->
- Commentary is only visible when editing a page.

Avoid markup:
<nowiki>'''Your text'''</nowiki>
- Anything you write between these tags will not be treated as markup.

Output: '''Your text'''


There are three types of headings you can use to title sections on a page.











Use lists for organizing content.

Bullet list:
*Level 1 content
**Level 2 content
*Level 1 content
**Level 2 content
***Level 3 content

- More asterisks means a deeper level.


  • Level 1 content
    • Level 2 content
  • Level 1 content
    • Level 2 content
      • Level 3 content

Numbered list:
#Level 1 content
##Level 2 content
#Level 1 content
##Level 2 content
###Level 3 content


  1. Level 1 content
    1. Level 2 content
  2. Level 1 content
    1. Level 2 content
      1. Level 3 content

Definition list:
;Level 1 content
:Level 2 content
;Level 1 content
:Level 2 content
:Level 2 content


Level 1 content
Level 2 content
Level 1 content
Level 2 content
Level 2 content

Text indents:
::Double indent
:::::Multiple indents


Double indent
Multiple indents


Tables are another method for structuring content.

The basic table markup looks like this:

{| (table start)
 |- (start new row)
 ! (header cell 1)
 ! (header cell 2)
 |- (new row)
 | (regular cell 1)
 | (regular cell 2)
|} (table end)
- Note that you can only put content in the cells of the table (next to the ! and | symbols).

An example of a table could look like this:

{| style="border-collapse:collapse; border:1px solid black;"
 ! style="background:white;" | Heading 1
 ! style="background:white;" | Heading 2
 | Cell 1
 | Cell 2
- Note how the table and the heading cells have a 'style' attribute added to them. As you can see below the table now has a border, and the headings have a white background.
If you have a bit of knowledge about CSS, you can edit tables to look however you want.


Heading 1 Heading 2
Cell 1 Cell 2

For more info about tables, refer to MediaWiki's help page on the subject.


You can upload images to the wiki from the page Special:Upload or see a list of already uploaded files on the page Special:ListFiles.

Insert fullsize image:

Control image size:
- The '300px' specifies the image width.

Add caption:
[[File:image.jpg|thumb|300px|Caption text here]]

Align image right:

Align image left:

More info about formatting images can be found on MediaWiki's help pages.


Use templates for short bio descriptions on character, world and creature pages.

You can se more about how to use template on Help:Templates.