Magic is defined as the phenomena of manipulating energy, and in extension, matter.

Magic exists in many forms. On the grand scale Heaven and Hell are held together by magic controlled by the arch angels and the great virtues and sins respectively.

All kinds of creatures such as angels, demons and mortals are also capable of learning to use magic, although in a much more limited way. This kinds of magic is cast by expending energy stored within the user's own body to manipulate the energy contained in their surroundings.

Ban on magic

Magic can rely on three types of energy: Divine, neutral, or nether energy.

Neutral and nether energy are both banned from use by Heaven. Neutral energy poses no harm to the user in itself. However, as one rarely knows when they run out of this energy source and start using nether energy to cast magic instead, it was decided that it would be safest to ban both.

Heaven has no problem with divine energy. Divine energy is what powers Heaven and is channeled through all angels' halos, allowing them to teleport and use other kinds of special magic.

Types of magic

The ways of using magic are classified by four different categories:

  • Elemental magic: This contains anything that manipulates the elements of the world such as fire, earth and water.
  • Physical magic: This category has to do with any kind of body modification magic, like boosting your strength or the ability to transform your body with magic.
  • Psychic magic: This is all about changing how others perceive or interact with the world by using illusions, possessions and such things.
  • Special magic: Race or angel specific magics like the angels’ powers to heal or humans’ ability to create living things.